In Gratitude

I would like to tell you a few things. First, thank you! Thank you for trusting me with your body, your spirit and your mind. I am honored you chose me to help you on your healing journey. I am humbled every time you lay on my table and allow me such intimate access to your soul. Thank you for showing up for yourself and becoming more and more aware of your own body and what you truly need. I will forever be in awe of the transformations that take place on my massage table or on your yoga mat. Being able to visibly witness a person allowing themselves to become more awake, more enlightened and more alive, truly inspires me. You inspire me everyday. 

Your healing is my passion. It is my calling and I am here for you. I see you. I am a catalyst on your path to change. Whether you come to me for Massage, Reiki, Yoga or Skin Care, you have already made the choice for self-care. Taking those first steps through the door of your soul is often the hardest part. I am absolutely in awe of each of you. I care for you deeply and I know we were meant to find each other. I may be a stepping stone on your path or I may walk with you for many miles, either way, I hope our time together has given you whatever you heart has called for.

I want to tell you, your body is perfect! You are beautiful in every way. I see no flaws in you. I see muscles that work so hard to keep you moving. I see bones that give you strength and keep you grounded. I see stretch marks that tell me transformation has happened and it is inspiring! I see scars that tell me you made it through tough times and it gives me hope. I see tension that tells me you are holding on, allow me to help you let go. I see lines and wrinkles that tell me you have lived your life! I see beauty in every mole, birthmark and freckle. You are unique, own it! Your body is amazing, and she thanks you for taking care of her each time you come to see me. I know this, because I can feel it.

You don't know this but when you are on my table or in my class you are the only person that exists in my world. I give 100% of myself to you when you are with me. I have also never told you that while your on my table I send you positive messages. I tell your body how fascinating it is and I thank your muscles for giving you strength. I tell you that you are a wonderful person you are and I thank your feet, your hands and your legs for all the hard work that they do. I send you well wishes and help clear out energy blockages. I send healing energy to the deepest parts of you. The whole time you are with me, I talk to your body silently in hopes that positive energy travels into each and every cell where it is needed. Can you feel it?

Do you know what I love the most? When you send your family to me. I love that one week I see you and the next I see your son. I love that around the holidays your kids take your appointments or that you send your 70 year old mother to me for her first massage. It humbles me that you trust with your loved ones. I feel honored to be a part of your lives. It is the highest compliment.

Energy doesn't lie. I can see the difference in you from when you walked into my studio stressed out and tense and as you leave I can tell you feel lighter and more at ease. Sometimes its hard for you to write a check for payment or you forget your earrings and it secretly makes me happy because I know you are so relaxed and it shows! Some changes may be subtle and some may be profound. All change is good and I know you can feel it too. I am grateful to be a witness! Thank you for showing up for you! You are the reason I am here and living my dream. Thank you for your part in my journey. I am truly grateful for each of you.

The divine light within me sees and honors the light within each of you.

Be Well,